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According to legend, the hill where now stands the Church. Andrew, once is a rich crop of roses. It was derived the name Ruzomberok (German Rosenberg - pink top). One day the prince of Likava castle on her wedding day gone to hunt in nearby forests. On his way back to the castle passing in the aforementioned pink hill. Looking for rose bushes they noticed movement. The assumption that it is a deer, half bow with an arrow and fired towards the stand where the movement was based. As he approached the place, he saw that the movement did not produce roe, but his fiancee. Arrow struck it to the heart. Previously arrow overshot rose, which forms the coat of arms of Ruzomberok.


The legend of Ruzomberok as translated by Google

This (ongoing) series was produced mainly within a five-week period in spring 2013, during which I stayed in Ružomberok, Slovakia with my partner’s parents.

I do not speak Slovakian, they do not speak English. The level of any spoken language we had in common was not sufficient for communication, nonetheless we conversed.

What came from this silence was a deep intensification of nonverbal communication – resulting from a lack of understanding. So I began to relate to Slovakian people, their doings and surroundings via visual study.

What resulted is a photographic essay on coming to terms with a new home.

A history of Rosenberg as understood via Google Translate

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