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The project concentrates on three interconnected sites in the beginning of the Paljassaare peninsula in Tallinn, Estonia. The garages, the former clay quarry - now landfill dump and a residential street that borders both. There are 1300 garages, 300 years of making ceramics and a residential street that could be considered “the safest in Kopli”.

The material presented in the booklet consists of two narratives that crossed as a result of a lucky happenstance. One of the author investigating the space as it is now. With limited time, resources and without significant prior knowledge. The other is an account of growing up in the particular area in the 1990s. Of how as children the dump can be a place of magic and happiness and the garages a maze complete with numerous foes and traps.The original audio interview has been transcribed and presented
as text to protect the identity of the participant.

The merging of multiple narratives creates new possible truths. Here neither story is fully adequate or entirely satisfying. Both have shortcomings and moments of brilliance. One is hopelessly detached and the other intricately trapped.

The first part of the working title is derived from media coverage of the state of the garages. The second is how the participant sees the particular area. Again both offer hints at a possible “truth” which eventually, of course, still remains elusive.

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