This experimental gallery format and organisation was the result of my time at the 86 Film and Urbanism Festival, Urbanism residency curated by METASITU in Slavutych, Ukraine.
The Slavutych Gallery was the 1st independent art gallery in the city. Its primary aim was to both highlight local talent as well as showcase artists from Ukraine and abroad. The secondary aim of the gallery was to be a vehicle for intermediate use for empty spaces in the town. The tertiary aim of the gallery was to function as a platform for the collective of local curators to create meaningful experiences for the inhabitants of Slavutych.
The gallery project consisted of setting up an infrastructure which could then function independently after the residency period ends. The first incarnation consisted of 10-12 easels which could be used to place work in a variety of contexts - both indoors and in public space. I put together a group of locals who would be interested in owning and managing the project after I leave. In addition, I struck a deal with the mayor for the permission to use vacant municipally owned spaces for the purposes of the gallery as well as help in covering any costs the gallery might have.
I was happy to see the format outlive my time at the residency, as was planned. The infrastructure of the easels, curatorial group and municipal support saw a number of exhibitions take place across the city. I am currently unaware of the fate of the gallery and await the chance to revisit Slavutych for a follow-up.
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