This project was the result of my time at the Narva Art Residency, NART in June, 2020. “King for a Day” simultaneously was and was not an exhibition. First and foremost it was an invitation to spend some time together, chat about Narva and benefit from the potential of NART. It was more like a party than high culture.
Over the course of my time in Narva, I attempted to get acquainted with the city and its inhabitants. In time I became particularly interested in how NART and I as a resident of NART relate to the surroundings. Being used to living on 35㎡, not 1000㎡, I could not help but feel privileged but also somewhat alienated from the outside. What to do with all this space? How does a true Narvian perceive this place? Who is welcome here and who is not? I decided to invite everyone.  
On Saturday, 27. June, we had a playful afternoon at NART.  It was an invitation to be king for a day: spend some time at the former Kreenholm director’s villa, see some art and play a bit of urban golf in the gallery and around the building. We shared food and vodka. We spoke in Estonian, Russian and English. We attempted to dissolve institutional borders. Then we all went home.
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